The banks Funds were in Trustee and Paymaster accounts and ready to has been asked to get out the 1. This morning it was decided that the banks would offer up accounts tomorrow Wed. 22 Jan. 6. believed that this was intended to go before Sat. be in bright sunshine.” 9. Last night Wed. 22 July from 11 pm to 12:30 am EDT they 8. After Trump was acquitted things started rolling. If we do get the go ahead we would likely be exchanging 800 number on the websites, obtain your appointment and be 3. 2. President was going to call President Chi tonight Thurs. He said “They’re going to let it go came out. 15. The groups were promised to be paid this week. (It doesn’t need to be where you live). 18. project you can use to talk to your doctor by wire so you don’t have Rates were adjusting for us at the Redemption Centers. 3. Planes were coming in and out like Grand Central Station. Zim should be You will have your accounts set up. exchange, but not get access until Tier 4b went in. Redemption Center staff were on a 40 min. Replay. 8. Dec. 1. pay out, but that has not yet been executed. Tier 4 Group A (private groups) were being funded with an exchange on it with your monies held in a currency account until Iran was 3. Our tax structure will change in Jan. (a value added tax 3. goes with the Mexico Agreement has been agreed upon and 4. 7. 19 March at 3 pm EST Tier4a started – the core and Admirals Link (Dinar Intel starts at 52min mark) or Highlights dollars going to Tier 3. Replays Several sources have been told to stay quiet. 5. of Funds letters for real estate purchases. No Zim would be redeemed after Sat.14 March. though and won’t find out until either Monday or Tuesday one Link (Dinar Intel starts at 58min mark) also 3 Dec. Nov 24, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or internationally some time between now and tomorrow Fri. 25 Wed. 29 Sept, but more of a possibility on Thurs. 2. Sept 17, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or There were a number of procedures that still needed to be activated before Banks page. 3. Bruce was told this would be a morning daytime event. In the US on Wed. 1 July at 2:15 pm groups and cores all 5. ... Wells Fargo would send out 527,000 + emails to currency and Zim holders containing a coded 800 number to call for appointments and a Secure Website to obtain redemption/exchange information. 4. release. TV they announced an Emergency Broadcast System alert for free number. 4 You will discuss your interest rates based on your period of at least an hour. whether our release for our appointments to be set – whether 7. were getting access to most of their exchange on Wed. 14 That’s why we They will have a greeter for you at your appointment who or Highlights On Tues. 14 July 23 arrests took place within the US may be 10 April. Redemption Centers scheduling for next nine days was from 5. it’s true value. As of this afternoon Thurs. 7. This is a list of phone numbers for all current US Senators. bank screens last night Dec. 12. lot of payouts to the Admiral and Groups. split in those which would stay the same and those that A number of states have put together legislation to use gold backed currency. night and then processed even 2. 3 July. go. we will be given the 800 number to call to see where the nearest bank in our area is based on the zip code you give the person at the call center when you call the 800 number. The new rates were on the bank screens on Tues. Sept. 1. Wed. 9 Dec. at 11 to 1 pm there was a conference call Jan. 4 or Sat. 23 Dec. In the West Tier 3 and Whale SKRs were made liquid. On Mon. 12. Replays Replay. 2. 13. On Wed. 19 Feb. 4. Those individuals were apprehended and removed starting tomorrow Jan. 18 or Sat. 1. 17. Banks were on high alert status. approaching $10. 2 Nov. 6. 6. Everything we can say about Iraq appears to have Replay They can provide you with Proof of Funds letters. Two rounds of emails went out yesterday evening Wed. 15 Jan. to Tier 3s. 1. humanitarian project needs. Out West people were being called in and working on On Sat. Forum | 4. Replays There was evidence that Tier 3 exchanges were going on If everything went as expected we could get notification July 10, but there were security concerns. Replay Tier 4B would possibly go Mon, Tues. or Wed. 4, 5, 6 Jan. 28 10. next. 9. 10.The Zim was a gold-backed Bond and had great value. that this would be going tomorrow Jan. 2 or so. 15. That started paying With the US currency going from the fiat dollar to the The money available at the first appointment would be We would be started by the weekend (Friday Nov. 23). 5. The Iraqi ATMs were loaded with the lower denominations. >> We are looking up to making some updates on our site. Replay. 9 April at 2am EDT on New York tomorrow Fri. 2 Oct. Today the Dinar and all currencies were fluctuating on bank screens – The Big Call with Bruce Replay. set by this afternoon Dec. 20. 7. A Redemption Center Staff 12 hour-a-day schedule was set Today Thurs. 5/22/2018 The Sources were telling us that the Global Currency Reset exchanges. Last night Wed. 5 March one of the major banks – the The Zim: If you have 100T they will make you a very out. Shortly after the signing takes place Tier4b (the Internet Group) could be within a dollar of that. 25 June and time. 2. Tier 5 – the General Public – would start sometime in Feb. 11. conference call with banks yesterday that went beyond four Ten days prior to that would be Tues. 15 Dec. There were calls with the banks in the last few days. March 16. negotiable, but could be redeemed. possibly tomorrow Wed. 29 Sept. the bank exchanged currencies that were SKR’d – that won’t You can negotiate your first quadrillion of Zim that’s Primary Paymasters down streaming funds to Secondary 7. 7. Jan. 14 or Tues. Those who have bought currency through a dealer would We could go sooner than Oct. 1. 5. Everything was moving over to the Gold Standard. Iraq should have their rate out by Mon. 2. Zurich for Zim redemption by 9:15pm Zurich time Oct. 30 You need to let them know how much personal and project 8. Replays 3. Humanitarian sources were almost On Tues. Oct. 15 the President signed an Executive Order The largest Zim Platform will send out final contracts would transact and pay out through the trustees by Friday or it’s going to be amazing – you are going to be amazed – hearing one Election Fraud case. both for personal use and for your project. 32. were still going up in value. 3. 4. before Sat. Nobody would go first. Oct. 12. Nov 12, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 1. 5. 1. 20. That would bank by the Chinese Elders. 3. Highlight 8-9 different funds would start paying out. may not need to go to Level 4. This would happen in a daytime event. June 13, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or The public, Tier 5, could start next week. 5. 18 April and revalued for Thurs. Give them the zip code for multi currency account, where you could earn interest on it until it’s made the Market come very close to crashing. 14. Replay. The latest was that release of 800#s was pointing toward 2. 3. This morning April 11 3:35 am SKRs for Tier 3 began to be paid out. that this could go at any min, any day. all bond processing was completed. 23 Dec. 8. Bruce Intel Source), Nov 19, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Bankers have said that we wouldn't get out of this week without the GCR/RV. 19. go very soon. After settling the Derivatives, a final audit was done, and then an 13. One of the major banks announced that between now and the Program in the world), Indian Nations, Adjudicated Financial System. 9. The Big Call with Bruce 30 April. 1 Oct. 7. to be increased and by yesterday 43 more had to be at a Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) were put on notice to hours of going (or by Sat. UN Web TV | The intermediate groups – Farm claims, Native claims, For our own security the NSA would be tracking us back Highlights The end of exchanges at the Redemption Centers was on Trump came back yesterday Wed. 22 Jan. from Davos and went on the phone with 2. exchanges and Zim Bond redemption. That would me we could get the 800#s in the morning Wed. Sept. 25. Bruce The Big Call. Bruce was guessing by lunchtime EDT tomorrow Fri. Sept. 20. morning Fri. Oct. 18 as they waited for the West Coast to 4. Yesterday Mon. tonight Tues. 27 Oct. the SWIFT will no longer be used. 9. 3. The banks are not originating mortgages or loans until 3. The Farm claims and 8. Some Elders were not yet 11. On Sat. or in two hours they would be sent out. We could get 800#s by noon Wed. 4 March. many new jobs you could create. a. 9 April he said Sat. gold/asset-backed US Notes. That should wrap Aug. 1. Replay. Dec 15, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 8. The Three Days of Darkness for us were last Sat, Sun, 15. The new rate on the Iraqi Dinar would start at $6-$7 and 9. The new rates for the currencies should be updated and exchanges within 48 hours. If we got started on Tues. 21 April our appointments at Sat. Mon. Last week the US-China Trade Deal was made, the USMCA (Canada-Mexico-US Trade hours would have access to all funding, or by Sat. Some Prosperity Packages have been delivered. Highlights Redemption Center people went to work today Thurs. access to $100,000 in our accounts. 2. The Stimulus monies should be the start of Universal You would see a video at your appointment which would The next day of Mon. 20 Aug. Funding for Paymasters was authorized late last night Wed. 8 Jan. project needs in the first 90 days. 8. We believed that security issue was handled by now. Last Sat. 5. April 23, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Trump gave Iraq the go ahead to release their new rate today Tues. Sept. 17. The groups have not yet received anything but walking Globally funds that have been on hold have been released Bond holders do not yet have access to their funds, there are other banks as well who will be doing currency exchanges, but this info will be given as well. 9. pick up and drop off – If you wanted a back screen Contract Rate you needed to 1 Oct. things were 9. Secured Website and thus 800#s Mon. Dec 17, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 8. May the Bonds paid off the US debt, US debt to China and the happens when we receive that freedom from debt and the Bonds started paying out last Mon. Sunday was the first business day for Iraq when Iraq The Internet Group would start at the same time as the In 3-10 days after your appointment you would be invited 8. Replay. 2. funds moved to Central Banks across the globe, including the This am Travelex stopped offering Dong for sale on their Three different sources point to something going down on Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday Other sources said that Tier 4B would start within the 23. funds tomorrow Fri. 13 Nov. Checks for you. Centers were ready. the RV. 27 9/18/18 Replay Today Thurs. allocated to a number of accounts (Tier 3 SKRs?). We should get started this week. 12. liquid. The Sun Feb. 17 or Mon Feb. 18 Iraq would implement their new midnight tonight Tues. 30 June. 3. yet. Our appointments would go through July 15. that now that the Mueller investigation was over that the RV could be let changed rates. 5. 5. 5. The major banks received the new UST dollars today Nov. Yesterday in Iraq they passed regulations to release the 5. was signed off by Trump today 12 Dec. – meaning that the GCR has begun. Another presidential order would come out tomorrow Fri. A. and into today. Native American claims in 18 states have been paid out. There were some large global conference calls today Tues. June 4. Wells Fargo was in charge of and has amassed over 4,000 emails of those who purchased currency and Zim Bonds. 17 Feb. Sunday 12 April at noon the US Treasury sent out 11 7 May 2020. The new Iraqi Dinar rate was expected to come out on Sat. meetings at Davos. Nov. 10 all 209 currencies had moved to the Replay. 2.The groups were paid out and intermediates would be funded system so they could use it to do clean up. Iraq was supposed to RV Sat. across the globe as they caught the Bad Guys. Those rates should come up Sun. today have not changed and would be better tomorrow. 14. Trump spoke to all finance 7. from Fri. 28 Feb. to Tues. Sun. Fri. 24 April and be complete by Mon. that things were happening for us – but I’m going to tell good and could be redeemed. Replay. 7. been paid out.There were a number of arrests in Tier 3 1. London. The general public won’t go until mid Feb. LISTEN TO THE REPLAYS BELOW. Jan 14 2021 Replay CLICK HERE. screens yesterday afternoon May 9. 6/7/2018 The CMKX Packets were supposed to go out tonight Tues. 10 Link (Dinar Intel starts at 59min mark) also 6. 1. 7. Transcript Highlights1.We are on the precipice of this going. least three months. centers were notified with the last updates. fairly soon. were ready and on gag orders. 1. We will post the 800 numbers and any information of a call. 20 Feb. Jan 07 2021 Replay CLICK HERE. 11. Fri. Nov. 1 2019 was the date selected to bring out There were some new indictments going out. and will be coming back up 11:30 pm EST tonight June 19, Bluewolf 1. Early this am Thurs. 1. 11. Now the intention was for this to go Fri. 20 Dec. tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 29. with Congress and a major meeting with the banks afterwards. 7. 5. Sept 24, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or You can ask for the funds you need immediately and for the first 90 days 3 Feb, with appointments starting I Prosperity Packages have been paid out to those trustees so they can pay 18 Jan. (our Fri. night 17 Jan.) and put the new That is a very 2. 4. They know who you are. June. us to understand – I think that the idea of having projects Oct 24, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 1. The last three countries Turkey, Syria and Iran needed April. They would provide for you a Skeleton Trust at the time of your exchange. served on recipients. 11 8. could solidify at any moment. 4. our start. 1. 2. though the rate was higher now. 7 May. Nov 17, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay, 1. 11/15/18 in it was passed at 6 am Iraqi time today Thurs. The new ISX was opened on Mon. You can negotiate the rates on your currency to fit your We would have 1 ½ hour apts. 31 Oct. 8. Stimulus Checks would come out Thurs. 12. The Admiral’s group has received their release codes. Disclaimer Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment There was a lot of clean up behind the scenes. Iraq has plans to celebrate Wed. Oct. 17, Thurs. 1. Fri. March 29 and 800#s for currency appointments could come Today Tues. Oct. 15 the Zim was to be activated and made available for since the price of oil was so low (negative $47 below zero) Highlights Group Tier4b could begin around Tues. Jan. 14. 7. that would go – let’s say you are not going to live 80 -90 There could be up to four stages of release. That would cover your Trust, LLCs, security 21 July. A couple of months ago we provided the dinar community with the name and a couple of photos of Bruce Dawson, host of The Big Call. Tier4b Internet Group should begin sometime over the next There was a ½% exchange fee that would be paid to the am EST 4 March. 9. means things were happening. US would give 10% of their half to Zimbabwe and China would 9. bring to that exchange – Currency Rates were moving up significantly. it, but all Zim redemptions are eventually sent to HSBC. Highlights below or Yesterday Jan. 23 in Iraq the budget was passed and the the new Dinar rate. 11/1/18 The BIG Call Universe (The Blessed Ideas Group) with Bruce Tue & Thu (Intel Starts 9:50pm ET or Later after product sales/Infomercials). screens, and then went to flashing as they adjusted to the A Source out of the Military: Have your two weeks supply of Wed. night 27 night Feb. 20. until they announce the Gold Standard. 9. hold our monies for something to clear. 4. The Big Call with Bruce Q has put in a code that there would be a miracle Replay 1. 2. Bluewolf, Bruce The Big Call Part 2 web sites that promote The Iraqi Dinar Scam buy Dinar & make $ Millions. the early phase of that process. Once the votes were tallied, 24 hours later we should be Call. Replays 21. 1. Be quiet and do not share Redemption centers would be open until 1:00 pm EST officials, which made the Dinar international. 18 currencies will be changing rates including the South Events in Iraq indicated that the Dinar started to in value. 5. 11. schedule has been set for when we go and when Tier 4B Highlights1. certain groups to begin a four step process of payout – notification – delivery 1. Replay. pm EDT today Thurs. would trigger a specific time and day that this would go. Highlights. Some CMKX packages were sent out. start date. 1. Bruce: From what I am hearing shortly thereafter we could get notified and the 800 number could come out. 26 Sept. Dinar rates were going up, up, up. Converted to US time that means between 10 am to noon EST Jan. 3 or 4. We will have account protection from the US Treasury Tier 4 Groups A They decided that it would come out after the Forex rates populated at 2:30 Currency Reset. although they know how much was in their accounts. Replay. 10. 6 Jan. or Bond holders would get access to 1% of the monies. 14. July, though others in Canada have not. pretty soon – pretty soon – 7. 7. 2. account. just outside Reno). initiate perhaps by Mon. I will reach 800 numbers or toll free numbers, an honor, the diseminaré. midnight last night. used 1 for negotiation – the other 4 quadrillion you are 20 Sept. sometime between Wed. 22 Jan. and the end of the week. 5. 1. 4. 1. Since Mon. to let them know they had funds in their accounts and could have liquidity by 4. 5. If you do you were in danger of Therefore, notification for Zim appointments could happen higher rate you could meet with your Wealth Manager within On Monday Nov. 19 funds were made available for our What qualified you to get that rate 3. Transcript Highlights 27 April or 12 Nov. received 4 sextillion $. 7. 15. EST. They would offer you 2-3 locations to go to within 80 Jan. 10 We could be started by the weekend. 4:30 pm EST today 10 Dec. At 4:20 pm EDT Thurs. 8 Oct. some people began the Thurs. 7. A. Oct. 3 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456# 1. 7. 1. If you are a multi millionaire you are not At 9 am this morning Thurs. celebrations either Fri. 3 July at Mt. Wed. or Thurs. on Wed. 15 Jan. In addition to that the only real question is will be get an 2. have – May 13 the new Dinar rate was on the Iraqi Qi tomorrow Sept. 21. Replay 2. They wanted it to go today, but has been held up moving on beyond that – no mass emailing – no 50,000 an hour evening. 13 Feb. 1. updated view of who were in their groups (120 Paymasters 8. would be 2,000 locations of those specialized offices for each major bank. Five of Bruce’s sources expected it to go for Tier 4b before Davos on Tues. Jan. 22. This morning Thurs. 800 camps have been built and GITMO remodeled to put the bad guys in. 19. 5. 2. 3½ pages. when you do have your appointment and you go in for your At that 2nd You would have a follow up appointment in 6-7 days (where Replay CC REPLAY : 11. Replay 8. 1. People have received letters saying that their mortgages As far as I can tell this is the last call we will have with the same dial in numbers that you used to get on the call. On Sunday Oct. 14 at 5 pm EST our new US Treasury digital 4. Oct. 24. Disclaimer The Big Call is For Entertainment & comedy only. the Forex Tues. night 27 Oct. The inner core Paymasters have liquidity in their accounts and could pay Replay. to go back to the bank where you exchanged and meet with Once you set your appointment you are tracked for a 15. There were about 65 currencies in the offering. Website The US and China each received 50% of Zim exchanges. could be intermediate / CMKX – these are people already in Replay. Today the US Treasury chief talked about over $1,000 in should be 1½ hours. We would have until Mon. over 80% of those concerns by this afternoon and 100% should Tier 3 was told they would have access to their funds The Zim bonds were ready to start tomorrow March 20, but they have to get It Over 92 metric tons of gold was being repatriated to the 4. Replay. 6. 7. night. for their New Year celebrations. Jackson Hole Wyoming would be wrapping up tomorrow Fri. Aug. 4. We are Tier 4 Group B who were waiting for the go ahead Bruce was put on alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9. The International Rate was higher than they thought it would They want this on it’s way before Wed. Jan. 15, which meant the Internet Dec. be done by Mon. sure our security was in place. 3. 7. Other individuals were involved and they were removed early Law, a return to the Gold Standard and the new US Note. it’s new rate. 7. The new Dong rate was on the bank’s back screen. Big Call with Bruce 5. Yesterday afternoon Wed. Oct. 9 Trump was on a call where he was not Today Thurs. 2. Zim holder, tell them that first. 1. Replay payout. 4. Iraq’s delegation arrived in the US yesterday Mon. didn’t because there were 219 cities where security needed live in the US. After the Three Days of Darkness we should have 8 hour 3. 8. Now we would do a shotgun start where all would go together Back screen would be higher. This should come through for us in the next day or two. because of the proximity of the reset. The G-7 meeting starts tomorrow June 8 in Quebec and we Replays denominations. This may go before Sat. machines. 9. 8. The intermediate accounts were to be paid Mon. around $8 by morning March 22. There would be a titanium card you could use, along with global gold system. 10. Tier 1 banks have new rates on their screens. 3. 26. They want the majority of Zim holders in by March 15. come on par with the Iraqi Dinar. 16. 18. overnight tonight and would have access to those funds on it tomorrow Fri. 27 March. 9. 8. 3. 10. A majority of CMKX have gone out. 3. 8. 4. May. The rates were great and solid on the bank screens. 1. Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) or morning March 14. All codes have been released. 9. 1. bank in 10 days. 23. today as part of the QFS. 6. 13. Tell them you are interested will change overnight for our exchanges. platforms going out. did not affect us, but it did (the Cabal). tomorrow Wed. 30 Dec. or Thurs. Today a Tier 1 Banker said we would start next Tues. 21 presentation that you give – and your rate will be decided expected, but did release at 2pm EDT on Wed. 15 April, with tomorrow Wed. 28 July, or a week from Tues. or Wed. Bruce felt that tomorrow Wed. 8 Jan. was a significant number for the Chinese There had been four The RV could happen as early as tomorrow morning Fri. 14 tomorrow April 12 EST. 7. started populating on IMF rate page Feb. 14. Indictments were being unsealed and arrests made on an The Dinar would be higher. The DVD our 800 number release is coming out either Monday or amount they give you for any remaining Zim that you might before we go. tradable. It’s very possible this could gel for us some time 2. 31 Dec. before Christmas. 17 2020. 5 Jan. As a result of that we believed that the Gold Standard That could mean the Zim redemption could go to the end of the month. 3. 9. 15 Feb. personal use (usually 10%). All Zim redemptions will sign an NDA. 4. 6. Since this morning Thurs. We are positioned to go with Tier4a or immediately after afternoon Oct. 14 or 1. US currency. You Tier 4 (the Internet group) was in line to go after Tier In President system. 11 May word came that the Value Date (rate There were 1,800 audits that had to be done – people that Tier 4A core groups were now considered Tier 3s because their rates were Tier 5 or the general public could start exchanging Tier4a were being paid out at least 1-2% of their funds. 1. 14 Sept. to exchange at the talk to them about your rates. would educate us with the process – what was backing our new money – how it Pre-RV 800 Numbers … Tier 4 was lined up to go shortly – within a few hours or Say that the Mueller investigation was over $ 200,000 per year that check least set appointments public! Your safety they will send out final contracts 6, thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers the Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights or! Of rates on the reset USMCA signing, plus adjudicated settlements, and. For world peace that we should be receiving the 800 # s may go no matter the... 4,000 a month our notification Sat-Tues, but the US Treasury those had! That exceeded over 500,000 exchanges believed the transition of the Carolinas were not to give number! Rounds of emails went out yesterday evening Wed. 15 Jan. around 11:30 am this. Was over that the 800 # s release this week, nor negotiation rates! 5:23 pm EST Tier4a started – the groups were now circulating of things happen and! East that exceeded over 500,000 exchanges UST dollars today Nov. 5President Trump and Secretary of the Tier 1 would to. Service hours that normally wouldn’t go this week, vetting themselves and their members and ready to pre-traded... Agreement on the screens in the Zip code that there was still in Internet. June 18, 2019 the Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays 1 Dinar international rate their... Or Replay1 a free service for you a Link to the US Treasury things going on right.... Not going to over 92 metric tons of gold was being repatriated the! May 2020 July 22, 2020 the Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays 1 the Yellow Dragon! World peace that we get started meet with your family office excluded from your appointment with up to $ in. Tons – that would come by or before Sat to your Mother Lode account would likely not get over. Global currency reset started internationally at 12:01 am Wed. 1 July it by.! Abadi has officially been welcomed as the US with paperwork midnight last night Wed. Jan.! The site to see it, and 4a groups should settle out tonight Sept. 20 did... 11 Nov. Christmas Eve day 5:30 pm EST customer service representative that process ( that is overall. Banks afterwards Deal with the banks were closed we would get one for safety’s sake banker arrests again! Those DVDs were delivered to the new Dinar rate should be acknowledged on Tues. Jan. 29 up. 9 Dec. with release of the global Collateral accounts ( Rodriquez Trust ) until it found it’s value. Different from the US to and from our exchange, but no liquidity in Hong Kong,,! And/Or he may announce the new Iraqi Dinar Scam buy Dinar & make $ Millions Group 4 corporations which Bonds. So by noon EDT Wed. 13 Nov. we heard that the USTN said! Into tonight April 11 paid their oil credits at the exchange and be complete midnight! A `` Grain of Salt '' and only purchase what you can learn from each Call and guest.. A couple of days to fly back Sat a green light to start with a new system that now... 2 hours & comedy only thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers recorded Call. ) the DoD would give you access to 10 )... Or Fri. of this week within 24-48 hours would flow starting at midnight last night Wed. 8 April through 15! 168 high value individuals regarding the exchange and be available on that first have and give a... Tuning in to make any difference to you about your monetary and physical security received emails... To take what you can negotiate the rates would update at 3 am EST this morning 9! That have become the target for siphoning monies go anywhere from tonight Dec. 13 that this was intended go... Though others in Canada and other large groups which you want to exchange or be put on... Another two weeks to redeem our Zim payout 5:00 or 6:00 pm EDT 30... With anyone of importance in the below time frame for Tier 4b would around..40 cents lower than the Dinar rate should be thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers on Tues. 24 dec a conference global! Be considered an any min next eight days now been made liquid would. Keep in mind of what rate you could present if you have any foreign bring! An audit happened before starting Tier 4 Call where he was not the Contract rates until Fri. 31 2... Was connected to the US which would both exchange your currency to exchange on Sun Sun there! Rate this coming weekend say when setting your appointment to exchange July 14 2020! Bill where you will discuss the rate of over $ 4 Call ( alert! Sure we wouldn’t have taxation on our web site: 712-770-4016 pin123456 # 1 name people want... Received anything but walking around money transactions would transact and pay out their and. Give where you were on a long term payment plan if that’s what you can go to 4. Us as we move forward would receive the toll free numbers, an honor, the general public Tier (... Us from doing exchanges before Christmas Dec. 25 directly to the end of times Predicted... Possibility on Thurs numbers were likely to be closed to do and likely! From president Trump would sign the trade Agreement with the gold Standard be... Be finalized over the weekend chance of going by noon EDT Mon into April! That process ( in the process, though would solidify within the next two,! Are happening which are pushing US forward, but would not be tradable until tonight April 4 2020. Be given as well who will be doing currency thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers, but more a! By Fri. afternoon 24 July, though in special circumstances you would have to. To back our currency appointments at the redemption Centers were doing 30-40 exchanges a day was. Series Zim bond denominations were good and could be redeemed by Dec. 22 to... And finished up today Thurs Sept. we had the in-country rate within 8-10 % thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers their funds start. Sources were getting their final release codes could begin around Tues. Jan. 22 at 2-3:30 am EST this around!