You want to use that seal in an ad, you have to pay for it. Hard ground in Vegas and down hill helped but hell even the guys on the green weren’t mad for hitting into them. Everything old is new again, which I guess is a lot like rebirth if you really think about it.   How can you actually design a club for Tour players, yet still make it playable for the general population? Mitsubishi Rayon Z50x5ct Regular Flex Graphite Shaft. Big Bertha Alpha features the same OptiFit hosel as the rest of the Callaway driver family. For Big Bertha Alpha, the new Fubuki ZT is the stock offering (rumor is Callaway will be adding a plethora of zero-cost alternatives, but don’t hold me to that). Callaway should have held off on bringing out the xhot2 and drop the price to 199.99 and then the others at 299/399. I loved my BB back in those days and will have to get another one to replace my 910!! Only reason I learned this is due to the fact that I broke my optiforce 460, and that Callaway is out of the left handed heads so for warranty I get offered either the BB or the Alpha. But I guess we will see after the shootout. As I said: never liked Callaway… Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Review With the new Big Bertha, Callaway promises the most advanced driver that they’ve ever created. The new driver is up to 7 yards longer than the 2014 Big Bertha you paid $400 for 3 months ago (the same one you can buy for $350 today). You can bet that kind of money buys the ability to rewrite history as needed. Believe me, that’s pretty incredible. Club puissant dont les réglages permettent de corriger quelques légers défauts ( fade par ex). I am with you T . players want one thing — MORE DISTANCE !! Guys will want the Alpha, and when they can’t get it for the price they want to pay, I’m not convinced they’ll choose regular Big Bertha.   Can’t wait to try it. ASWITTEV X Hot 2 should be 299, BB 349 and Alpha 449. Its a pretty good Driver. That’s a big deal for any manufacturer IMO. I found one today for $249 today and grabbed it up. Very fair and balanced article and if I am representative of next year’s buyer you are spot on. There are plenty of fools out there who buy every driver that hits the market at crazy high prices, but i doubt there are enough to sell out a product at 500 bucks. In my limited experience on this earth. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I predict the BB Alpha will be something of a bomb for Callaway. You can’t look at one guys spin numbers any make any larger determination. I’ve played their newest driver. There’s nobody in R&D anywhere in-between the smallest and largest company in golf who actually believes this. This strategy helps cash flow for dealers…. How many Krank drivers are being played on any of the 4 tours, PGA, web, LPGA or champions tour, let me see NONE. I still have one in my garage, literally brand new, never hit once, and I have a friend tha still plays one. It will not turn 280 into 300. That’s some seriously cool shit right there. I like the looks and will probably demo one if I get a chance. Here are the pertinent results: As you can see, despite remarkable similarities for both ball speed and launch angle, the low CG position reduced my spin rate by 327 RPM. Introducing Big Bertha B21 Drivers Distance Any Way You Swing It. In terms of market share, and market share only, Callaway’s pricing structure will likely prove prohibitive. Now, to actually get people to listen would be another story. That’s certainly progress given the way some past Callaway driver releases have been received. It turns out I hit it the worst out of the three. J ai gagné de la distance et grâce au réglage corriger ma trajectoire. The feel of the club was good, the forgiveness was good and the length was OK but didn’t wow me. I love it! I still had the original BB in my bag but I’ve put on a few years and pounds and my swing has changed to a fade from a draw so I wanted something with a bit more length and forgiveness. While $499 may match TaylorMade’s TP offering, the lack of a lower cost Big Bertha Alpha, I believe, will help keep TaylorMade on top for at least another season. Callaway has committed to NEVER discount the price of the Big Bertha line.”, So funny, you can get one now for peanuts…, Well, it is over 15 months later, and they have 4 new models, so the 2014 BB is reduced to clear out the old…. Rightfully, I might add. We’ve covered it before, but because I’m certain not everybody reads every word I write (I tend to write a lot of words – occasionally I spell one or two of them correctly), it’s worth mentioning again: As far as patents from big golf companies are concerned; TaylorMade’s patent pre-dates Mizuno’s, and Callaway’s patent pre-dates TaylorMade. The fairway grass was a little long but I hit almost every ball around 260 with a slight push to the right. For graphics obsessed and those who habitually send shafts off for SST Puring, this is sort of a big deal. Great post Robert! Now consider online media outlets of reasonable size. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A 3rd party chose the gravity core placement (and did the flipping) so I wasn’t aware which position the Gravity Core was in until after testing was complete. Each driver is custom made and you will probably not find it in a retail store because the wholesale price of the driver is three times that of a Callaway. If you’re Callaway, that’s probably ok too. But it was the very last one they had so I felt lucky. Very nice looking driver! Whilst most of the attention during the "Bertha's Back" campaign was on the 2014 Big Bertha driver and Big Bertha Alpha driver, Callaway also launched a Big Bertha fairway wood. … CT/COR provides a loose correlation to ball speed, but it hardly creates a hard limit on distance. I like the lighter club as it fly’s through the air and sweet spot hots can be heard around the course like a gun shot at night. Like Regular Big Bertha, Big Bertha Alpha will also hit retail on 2/14 with a street price of $499. If they get to the top, and stay there long enough, people will hate them just as much.   What is the diffrence in between the big beather alpha and big beather ? When was the last time images of new TaylorMade product stayed hidden until embargo day? For those of you who don’t keep current on your hashtags (or don’t watch cartoons), what that actually means is that Callaway Golf has resurrected the iconic Big Bertha name for use on its 2014 Premium driver (and fairway) offerings. Your article (and others) gave buyers incentive -and security- in purchasing their Big Bertha Alpha, and yet not even 6 months later, here comes the inevitable price slash. Perhaps the last noteworthy bit about the Big Bertha (and Big Bertha Alpha) is that instead of a familiar black crown, both are outfitted with midnight blue paint. If yes, do the old weight screws from the razr fit driver fit in there? I predict the BB Alpha will be something of a bomb for Callaway.   Yes…Krank wins long drive titles, but I think that has more to do with the players than the gear. Il peut y avoir quelques éraflures sur un shaft graphite (normalement l’endroit de frottement avec le sac) – mais ne pouvant affecter les contions de jeu.